3D Printing for Porsche Parts

So, you're looking down the throat of a Porsche project car - an old 944, and there's just one thing after another to repair on it - and the parts for these cars aren't cheap.

So you're tracking down the problems with the leaky windshield washer tank, disassemble all the stuff, and you find this little annoyance;

Either the previous owner, or some stupid devil, had taken a pair of pliers to remove the washer pump hoses - and destroyed the pump posts so that the pump cannot ever work again.

So then you start looking at parts online and you realize that this little fubar on the washer pump isn't another $20 thing to add to the shopping list - it's a $100 thing.  Hell.

And folks ask why I build a 3D printer - well, here's a good answer:

Step 1: Disassemble the 28 year old OEM pump:

Step 2: Go shopping and find the closest alternative - in this case, a GN styled pump intended for a 84-88 Camaro - $19.

Step 3: Eyeball the things together and start thinking about how to make the 3D printer do it's thing.

Step 4: Make some prototypes and refine your design.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Step 5: Once prototyping is done, switch from PLA plastic to ABS (better for the harsh environment under the hood) and print a higher resolution (.2mm layers now) version of the refined adapter.

Step 6: Be proud that when (and not if) the Zombies attack, your maker hat will ensure that you survive long enough to write about it.

And here's the finished product - ready to go.



Ken Nakasya said…
Awesome 3d printer!

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